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Spitfire MkIX Starter Kit A: Deluxe edition

Deluxe limited edition of the starter kit A, includes extra items to give your finished product a superior quality. Limited stock. See description below for details


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Deluxe limited edition of starter kit A. Includes extra items such as:

  • High quality real leather strap for the spade grip
  • Premium black anodised screws for all the screws visible at the front exterior of the stick
  • loads of extra screws
  • 3 x extra dupont cables
  • 2 x extra tac switch incase one falls victim to clumsy fingers (easily done!)
  • a bag of extra ferrules in case you drop the whole lot on the floor

These additions will not only defend you from a few extra accidents which could occur during the build, but will give your flight stick a superior finish.

(See “Starter Kit A” for the original contents, of which are all also included here)

*This kit DOES NOT contain the 3D printed plastic parts 

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