Simulation Kit Supplies

Kits for self-assembly flight controls

We are proud to announce our first product. A complete kit to enable you to build the newly launched AuthentiKitâ„¢ Spitfire MkIX Flight Stick

Simulation Kit Supplies

Kits for self-assembly flight controls

Our DIY kits contain everything you need to assemble a flight control apart from the 3D printed parts. See Full Kits if you also want the 3D printed parts.

Simulation Kit Supplies

Kits for self-assembly flight controls

The Spitfire MkIX trim wheel is part of Add On Kit B

Simulation Kit Supplies

Kits for self-assembly flight controls

The Spitfire MkIX throttle quadrant is part of Add On Kit B

Simulation Kit Supplies

Add on kit B available now!!

Pre order the hardware for the next phase of AuthentiKit’s spitfire range



Why choose a kit from Simulation Kit Supplies?

With 3D Printing it is now possible to create products at home to a quality that comes close to professional manufacturing. Unless you are an amateur engineer though you’re likely to have trouble and expense sourcing all the springs, bearings, sensors and more to just the right specification.

Our goal?

“to provide exactly what you need, to exactly the right specification in one easy kit that costs you less than if you bought the parts separately”

We provide all the hardware components you need to build your own AuthentiKit products on your kitchen table

You can rely on our kits for;
The exact specifications validated with the designer
Quality Control – we check each new batch of stock
Everything you need including useful tools
Includes spares
Tested! We know these parts will fit and are fit for purpose
Strong safe packaging to ensure it arrives safe and sound
3d Printed parts are an additional option


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Frequently Asked Questions

I don’t have a 3D printer.
I guess your kit is no use to me?

Not at all. See our Full Kits page.

What else do I need apart from your kit?

Well you need the 3D printed parts. You may also need a mounting system/rig depending on what kit you are buying. The Spitfire Kits use a 2 arm monitor stand as a rig on which to mount the flight stick and other parts.

Can you supply monitor stand mounting systems?

If there is demand then yes we intend to. Drop us a line if you’re interested.

Where do you ship to and how long will it take?

Based in the UK but ship world wide. You need to be prepared for a possible customs charge if you are overseas. I use Royal Mail Standard International for overseas. There is occasionally a lead time of a day or two. Please drop me a line if delivery time is critical for you.

What is your connection to AuthentiKit?

Phil of Authentikit is an old family friend. He showed me his idea for the Spitfire stick, and whilst building it I realised how time consuming and expensive it was to source everything for one individual kit. Which is how we thought of producing this box for everyone.


We currently have stock. Delivery times over-seas are typically taking between 2-3 weeks at the moment.


Shipping to the EU from the UK can incur customs charges depending on the country, please be aware there may be additional customs taxes which are not included in our price.