Do you need a full kit including printed parts?

We provide kits to help you build flight controls created by the AuthentiKit project. You do not need special tools or special skills to assemble these kits, just a kitchen table and a spare hour or two - honestly the trim wheel for example can be assembled in well under an hour.

You will need both a kit of hardware parts (the DIY kit) as well as the printed parts.

*we do not yet provide the 3D parts*

We are looking to supply full kits shortly which include everything, but in the meantime we are in contact with people throughout the world who are printing parts for the AuthentiKit project and we will be very happy to put you in touch with someone in your area.

Our DIY kits contain all the hardware parts you need including the tools. You just need a kitchen table and a spare hour or two.

The 3D printed parts look like this. If you can't print them yourself contact us via the form below and let us know where in the world you are so we can put you in touch with someone.


Typical cost for the "full kit" of printed parts and hardware for

Spitfire MkIX Starter Kit A (flight stick and universal hub)


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*Please double check you leave the correct e mail so that we can reply to your query.