At Simulation Kit Supplies (SKS) we are proud to be launching our first "all inclusive" product, which means we are selling a kit with both Hardware and 3D printed parts.

Each kit of 3D printed parts is printed on our high specification 3D printer to ensure perfect strength and fit. That being said, there is always room for error in 3D printing. Because of this, we are offering a 1 year warranty on all 3D printed parts sold by SKS.


Simple, really. Our warranty will extend to cover any and all damage to 3D printed parts, regardless of who is at fault, within a 1 year period. We understand that although these controls are intuitive to assemble when referencing the comprehensive instructions provided by AuthentiKit, mistakes can be made and parts can be damaged, so you can count on us to reship you those pieces at our expense within a 1 year period from purchase.

For the extra mile, we will also consider shipping replacement parts outwith the warranty period, at the buyers expense. This will be decided on a case by case basis, so do give us a shout if something malfunctions after your warranty has expired.