Spitfire Mk1A Flight Stick

This kit contains all the hardware you need to build this beautiful flight stick, the second in a series of AuthentiKit flight controls for the Spitfire Mk1A.

Purchase this only if you also have a Universal Hub with enough free ports.

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This kit contains the hardware needed to build the Flight Stick for the Spitfire Mk1A. Including all of the electronic components recommended by AuthentiKit. It does not contain any of the hardware to build the Universal Hub or to fit the Universal Hub with enough ports/ethernets. This hardware comes in the “AuthentiKit Universal Hub Starter kit” and “AuthentiKit Universal Hub Upgrade kit”.


  • 3 x 6003 Rubber sealed bearing
  • 3 x Neodymium square magnets 5mm
  • 1 x 6700 ZZ bearings
  • 1 x RJ45 jack
  • 6 x 1m Silicon wire (6 colours)
  • 3 x A1324LUA-T hall effect sensors
  • Adhesive backed neoprene 2cm
  • Screws/bolts


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3D Printed Parts

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