ALL INCLUSIVE KIT - 3D Printed parts and hardware parts are in this kit


PA-24 TPM All-Inclusive Starter Kit

If you’re new to AuthentiKit and would like to build this beautiful and highly specified Throttle, Prop & Mixture (TPM) control, then this hardware starter kit is for you. This TPM is a replica based on the Piper Comanche PA-24 and is fully functional with throttle, prop and mixture levers as well as a parking brake. It uses hall sensors for very fine smooth control and hydraulic damping for realistic resistance.

This All Inclusive Starter Kit includes all the 3D printed parts and hardware you need including the circuit board and parts for an AuthentiKit Universal Hub. If you do not need 3D printed parts please order the standard Starter Kit instead. If you already have an AuthentiKit Universal Hub and just require the hardware for this TPM then choose the standard Hardware Kit.

This unit mounts to the underside of a desk or table. You will require a table top with maximum depth 40mm and with clearance under the table

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If you are entirely new to AuthentiKit and have no 3D printer then this kit is for you. It is all inclusive and so contains the 3D printed parts as well as hardware parts to assemble the AuthentiKit PA-24 Piper Comanche throttle/prop/mixture TPM control as well as all required 3D parts & hardware to build the Universal Hub, which is needed to link your control to your PC. All 3D printed parts are printed on our high spec 3D printer to the highest standards possible.


  • Various 3D printed parts in 5 colours
  • 3 x Honeywell Hall Sensors
  • BU0836A Joystick controller board
  • 1 x Gikfun Microswitch
  • 3 x Neodymium magnets
  • 3 x 6700ZZ Bearings
  • 6 x 684ZZ Bearing
  • 30cm Felt tape
  • 1 x Ball spring plungers
  • 3 x Rotary Damper 400
  • 2 x RJ45 jacks
  • 6 x silicon wire (6 colours)
  • 1 x USB Cable
  • 1 x Ethernet Cable
  • 2 x Desk Clamps
  • 10 x Dupont Cables
  • 30 x Ferrules
  • Various tools
  • Screws/bolts


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