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5. P40B Landing Gear & Flaps [3D parts & Hardware]

I don’t yet have the 3D parts to provide for these kits, but I am working on it! In the meantime, please drop us a line in the contact section and I will be happy to help connect you with someone who can print the parts for you. Go to our hardware only kits underneath for the hardware.

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As well as 3D printed parts, the AuthentiKit home build projects require a large and varied number of different components, which can be time consuming and not very cost affective to source. Our kits takes away all the hassle. They contains everything you need (including the 3d printed parts) to build the AuthentiKit P40B Landing Gear & Flaps. In addition they contains spares and useful tools that take away much of the hassle you get when you don’t have quite the right screwdriver or allen key.


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