Construction Kit 2

All the types of screws you need to assemble any AuthentiKit flight control are contained in this box and there are a good number of them. There is enough for the Mosquito FB throttle or the Mustang P-51D pedestal with plenty left over for other projects. Please see the drop down menu for full details.

Please note this kit only contains screws.

What do you need to buy?

In addition to this construction kit you will also need Construction Kit 2, which contains all of the required screws. You may also need other kits to use this product with your simulator, depending on what controls you wish to build.

  1. If this is your first AuthentiKit product,  you will also need the Universal Hub. There is a starter kit but you’ll need the upgrade kit to be able to use all 10 inputs
  2. Unless you are making a custom rig you will probably want the Rig Extension A (attaches to any monitor stand) for cockpit sidewall mounted controls
  3. The Instrument Panel Mounting System is a good option for instrument panel mounted controls like the flaps lever, blind flying panel or gunsight

Check the items you need below, add them to the cart and get building your own flight sim controls!

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This kit contains the screws needed to build a variety of AuthentiKit designed controls: Including enough screws to build the Axes, Fire away, space grip, and levers & wheels elements of the AuthentiKit controls, as well as the miscellaneous elements of the controls. Please check the information on the product page to make sure you are buying everything you need.

*This kit does not contain 3D parts*



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3D Printed Parts

The above kit is for hardware only. 3D printed parts are available separately and if you need these please enter your contact details in the form below. A 3rd party printer in your region who charges the Recommended Selling Price and has passed our quality and customer service checks will contact you shortly. They will confirm local P&P charges and answer any of your questions. Please pay them directly.

The Recommended Selling Price for this 3D parts kit is

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