Construction Kit 2*


This kit contains the screws needed to assemble a variable variety of AuthentiKit controls. There are enough screws to assemble a number of AuthentiKit controls, depending on your preference. Please see the drop down menu for full details.

Please note this kit only contains screws.

What do you need to buy?

In addition to this construction kit you will also need to purchase the Construction Kit 1, which contains the rest of the relevant hardware to assemble the AuthentiKit controls. In addition to this, may need other kits to use this product with your simulator, depending on what controls you wish to build.

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This kit contains the screws needed to build a variety of AuthentiKit designed controls: Including enough screws to build the Axes, Fire away, space grip, and levers & wheels elements of the AuthentiKit controls, as well as the miscellaneous elements of the controls. Please check the information on the product page to make sure you are buying everything you need.

*This kit does not contain 3D parts*

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