AuthentiKit Universal Hub Upgrade Kit

This kit contains all the parts (additional input sockets, cables and wiring) you will need to expand the the Universal Hub from its Starter Kit capacity to its full capacity of ten inputs.

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This kit contains the additional parts you will need to expand the Universal Hub from its starter kit configuration of four input sockets to its full capacity of ten. If you are adding more AuthentiKit controls and run out of input sockets this is the kit to get.


  • 2 x Ethernet cables 1.5m
  • 2 x Ethernet cables 1.0m
  • 2 x Ethernet cables 0.5m
  • 6 x RJ45 keystone jack sockets
  • 40 x Dupont cables


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3D Printed Parts

The above kit is for hardware only; 3D printed parts are available separately. Unfortunately we currently do not have a recommended 3D printer for this work in the US, however we do have people in the UK who are highly experienced with this project. If you would like to hear more about sourcing 3D printed parts from our recommended UK printers please enter your contact details in the form below. They will confirm P&P charges and answer any of your questions. Please pay them directly.

The Recommended Selling Price for this 3D parts kit is