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Universal Hub & Mounting System (U.S)

If you are just starting your journey with AuthentiKit then as a base for your flight controls you will need the Universal Hub (which connects everything to your PC) and a mounting system. This kit contains the hardware and electronics to build both these. If you want to start with the P-51D throttle then get the P-51D Starter Kit instead as it includes everything here plus the P-51D stuff, but if you’re starting with a different control then this for you. All you need to do is 3D print the body parts and assemble.

Note that the mounting system attaches either to a fixing of your own design or to the standard monitor stand rig which you can source locally – see

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This kit provides the hardware you need to build the Universal Hub which connects AuthentiKit flight controls to your computer, as well as the items needed for the Rig Ext A, required to mount the controls to your home cockpit set up.

This kit is essential if it is your first time purchasing an AuthentiKit product. It comes with enough for 8 inputs, after which you will need the Upgrade Kit.

Including :

  • BU0836A 12-bit Joystick controller board.
  • 8 x Ethernet cables
  • 8 x RJ45 keystone jacks
  • 1 x USB Cable 1.5m
  • 60 x Dupont Cables
  • Wire Stripper
  • Orientation magnet
  • PH1/PH2 screwbits
  • Required screws and bolts
  • 4mm and 5mm allan keys
  • 50cm Aluminium tubing
  • AWG 26 silicon wire black/red

*3D parts not included


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3D Printed Parts

The above kit is for hardware only. If you would like someone in the AuthentiKit Community Approved Printing scheme to supply you with 3D printed parts please enter your contact details in the form below and we will introduce you. There are print partners in the USA, UK, Europe and Australasia. They will confirm P&P charges and answer any of your questions. You pay them directly with no commision to us..

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Dimensions 30 × 30 × 30 cm