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AuthentiKit Spitfire MkIX Spadegrip Starter Kit A

All of the hardware components you need to build the AUthentiKit Spitfire MkIX spadegrip. See description for more details


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Our kit contains everything you need (except the 3d printed parts of course) to build the AuthentiKit Spitfire MkIX flight stick*. In addition it contains spares and useful tools that take away much of the hassle you get when you don’t have quite the right screwdriver or allen key.

  • all the springs, bearings, wires etc. as listed on the Authentikit list of parts
  • Spares of those parts which are likely to roll off the table and disappear without a trace
  • Useful tools to remove a lot of the hassle
  • Includes USB cable and network connection cable
  • Includes BU0836A circuit board

Just print the parts and you have all you need for a working flight stick that will connect to your favourite flight sim. See FAQ for delivery times

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