Spitfire MkIX Flight Stick Starter Kit A

This kit contains all of the hardware components you need to build the AuthentiKit Spitfire MkIX flight stick and Universal Hub, with expansion capacity for up to ten controls.

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As well as 3D printed parts, the AuthentiKit home build projects require a large and varied number of different components, which can be time consuming and not very cost affective to source. Our hardware kit takes away all the hassle. It contains everything you need (except the 3d printed parts) to build the AuthentiKit Spitfire MkIX flight stick and Universal Hub*. In addition it contains spares and useful tools that take away much of the hassle you get when you don’t have quite the right screwdriver or allen key.

Just print the parts and in addition to this kit you’ll have everything you need for a working flight stick that will connect to your favourite flight sim.

This kit contains:

  • High quality sealed Bearings (6003, 6700)
  • Neodymium cube magnets
  • Specific electronic items – momentary push switch, RJ45 jack
  • Multiple cables – AWG 26 Silicon wire, F-F dupont cables, ethernet cable, USB cable
  • A1324LUA-T Hall effect sensor
  • Bespoke items – neoprene, biotac grip wrap, copper wire,
  • customised springs with specific lengths and tensions
  • Required tools – Allen key, screws bits, wire cutter, orientation magnet
  • BU0836A USB Board


  • One of each screw
  • Ferrules
  • 1 x tact switch
  • 1 x dupont cable

*3D parts not included 


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3D Printed Parts

The above kit is for hardware only. 3D printed parts are available separately and if you need these please enter your contact details in the form below. A 3rd party printer in your region who charges the Recommended Selling Price and has passed our quality and customer service checks will contact you shortly. They will confirm local P&P charges and answer any of your questions. Please pay them directly.

The Recommended Selling Price for this 3D parts kit is

£146 + P&P